Sarah Huckabee Sanders and NBC News' Kristen Welker Wear Same Dress at White House Briefing

Of course, Welker was called on first as Sanders took questions from reporters.

It was an awkward moment as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a reporter wore the same dress during Tuesday’s briefing. 

Sanders and NBC News journalist Kristen Welker both wore the same fuchsia dress as Sanders addressed the media.

Social media lit up with comments and memes as it was realized that Sanders and Welker were wearing the same $148 Eliza J dress. 

"I will take your questions, Kristen, mostly because we're matching," Sanders told Welker. "I feel like she earned with the right for the first question."

The fashion double take paid off at first for Welker, but it wasn't long before a heated exchange ignited between the two. 

“Does the president now acknowledge what the special counsel indictments made clear, which is that Russians not only tried to meddle but interfere and influence the 2016 election?” Welker asked. 

Sanders insisted that the president has acknowledged the Russian interference multiple times.

"The president hasn’t said that Russia didn’t meddle," Sanders stated added. "What he’s saying is it didn’t have an impact, and it certainly wasn’t with help from the Trump campaign. It’s very clear that Russia meddled in the election."

Welker then hit back, asking why Trump didn’t impose sanctions on Russia.

"Frankly, that's not completely accurate," Sanders shot back. "Look, this president has been tougher on Russia, far tougher. There is a process that has to take place and we are going through that process."

Sanders then defended Trump, saying he has been tougher on Russia than President Obama was during his eight years in office.