Savannah Paschal Killing: Texas Fugitive Found Dead in Florida Over a Year After Murdering Wife

Savannah Paschal, from La Marque, Texas, was killed on Oct. 21, 2020.

The parents of Savannah Paschal may finally have some closure as the man police say is responsible for murdering their daughter is dead. 

Trent Paschal took his own life on Jan. 1 "rather than surrender to law enforcement,” Shirley Kinchen, Savannah’s Mom, said during a press conference.  “He had been on the run for 263 days.”

Police say they got a 911 call that Trent, who was out on $500,000 bond, was asleep in a van at an RV park in Marion County, Florida.

Savannah, from La Marque, Texas, was killed on Oct. 21, 2020.

Trent Paschal killed his wife “after she let him know that she could no longer live with the person who was a habitual criminal and that she wanted more for their children,” Kinchen said.

“Did I want him to be held responsible for his actions? Did I want to look him in the eye and for him to face me again with what he had done? Yeah,” she added. “Am I sorry that he no longer walks on this earth? No. He is no longer a threat to my family or society.”

Savannah’s parents vow to honor their daughter’s memory by fighting for tighter bond reform in the justice system. 

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