School Bus Packed With Kids Slides on Ice, Crashes Into Car

Thankfully, no one aboard the bus was harmed in the terrifying skidding incident.

Students and a driver aboard a school bus in Massachusetts were involved a frightening ride to school after the vehicle slid on ice and crashed into a mailbox and parked car.

The incident happened on a residential street in Sutton Tuesday morning. Cell phone video of the incident shows the bus sliding down the street due to icy conditions on a hill. 

A video of the accident was later posted to Facebook.

The woman who shared the clip, Cheryl Kearney Katz, could be heard screaming, “Oh my goodness, oh my God!” as the bus careened down the hill. 

Twenty middle and high school students were on board and no one was injured. The bus and car suffered only minor damage. 

The students on board called 911 as the bus was sliding. 

The vehicle, along with the students, eventually made it to school. The driver, who has not been named, is not under investigation.