See The Wildest Animal Videos of the Year

From the sea lion that snatched a girl from a dock to a bear helping itself to snacks, these are our top picks.

These wild animal videos caught our attention in 2017.

A golden retriever saved a baby deer from drowning in the Long Island Sound off the coast of New York’s Long Island in July. Heart-stopping video captured the moment the dog pulled the fawn to safety in its mouth.

But some wild animals got a little too close for comfort. 

A 375-pound bear rummaged through a kitchen in Colorado over the summer and even knew how to open the refrigerator for a snack. 

In May came the unforgettable video of a little girl who was snatched from a Canadian dock by a sea lion.

Her quick-thinking grandfather jumped into action and bravely snatched her back. They were both hauled to safety and recovered.