Serial 'Dine and Dash' Dater Who 20 Women Say Stuck Them With the Check Caught on Camera

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The California man known as the notorious "Dine and Dasher" has been caught by Inside Edition’s cameras

More than 20 women say they met Paul Gonzales on dating websites. After going on a first date, they were stunned when Gonzales allegedly devoured his steak dinner, and then sneaked out, sticking them with the check.

He's been keeping a low profile for weeks, but was recently spotted by Inside Edition. 

"You’ve been dining and dashing these women," an Inside Edition producer said to Gonzales. "You've been running out of the check." 

He was found having a coffee at a Starbucks in Pasadena, less than half a block away from a restaurant where he allegedly pulled one if his latest dine and dash scams.

"You've been going to local restaurants with women you meet online," the Inside Edition producer said to Gonzalez. “You have been leaving them with the check. Don't you feel bad about that? Why don't you apologize to them?”

He didn’t answer and ran away. 

Inside Edition showed the video to one of his dates, Carol Meredith, who says Gonzalez ordered not one, but two dinners, when they met for their first date in April.

Carol was able to identify that it was indeed Gonzalez after watching the footage. She said she hopes it never happens to someone else.


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