2 Women Claim They Were Taken Out by Same Guy Who Left Them With the Check

It has happened to a number of women who were taken out by the same man.

These two women have never met, but they share an instant connection: They both fell victim to a guy they say is a creep.

The women claim they met Paul Gonzales on a dating website.

The 44-year-old Casanova from Los Angeles asked the women out to dinner and they say he ordered a feast before ditching them.

They told Inside Edition they were shocked someone would do this. 

One of the women, who asked not to have her name revealed, said she and Gonzalez spoke for a while before ordering. All of that talking must have worked up a big appetite since she says Gonzalez ordered steak, a baked potato, a salad with shrimp and a glass of wine.

She said that throughout the whole meal, he said that his son might call, and he would have to speak with him. 

She said she understood because she too has kids. 

About an hour into dinner, his phone rang. He took the call, and never came back.

“I was kind of like in disbelief, but also, what was wrong with me?" she said. 

The other woman says the same thing happened to her. 

She says Gonzalez ordered a Caesar salad with shrimp, a steak, baked potato and a glass of wine. 

About an hour into their date, the same situation occurred as he left the table to take a call.

"He said, 'Don't let them take my food — I will be right back,'" she recalled. 

She says she waited 20 minutes before realizing she had been left with the check.

"This is a guy who hates women or doesn't like women or has something against women," she said.

As it turns out, more than 20 women have come forward, saying Gonzales pulled the same stunt on them. After their dates, the women say he removed his online profile. In addition, he used a prepaid cellphone that he simply tossed away after the date to avoid being contacted.

The women can’t believe it keeps happening and they want to know why.