Shrine to Danny DeVito Found Behind Paper Towel Dispenser

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What's lurking behind your walls?

In November, Purchase College students were delighted and mildly terrified to find a shrine to Danny DeVito hiding behind a paper towel dispenser in a bathroom at their school in Harrison, New York.

A placard encouraged those who visited the shrine to "Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men."

The students aren't alone. Plenty of other strange, and even stranger, things have been found behind walls. 

Brian Hartig was renovating his Brooklyn, New York, brownstone when he found a 1950 report card in the wall. 

"This is the place where it all started," Hartig told Inside Edition, showing off where the report card was found. "We came up here during the demolition of the house and found this report card basically falling out of the wall."

That wasn't all he found. 

"We found this satchel underneath the refrigerator, which had all sorts of tools that belonged to a gentleman who ran the subway," he said. 

And in 2017, Mickey Hegedus, aka Mickey the Beekeeper, was called into a New Jersey home where 30,000 bees were found inside the walls. 

Hegedus warned that bees like to take refuge inside warm homes during the winter. 

"The bees find that place inside a wall without any insulation in a nice open space," he said. "They go in there and set up home."

Hegedus helped relocate the bees after removing them.


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