Sister Holds Out Hope Zachary Pruitt, Last Seen at Virginia Gas Station 1 Month Ago, Will Be Found

Zachary Pruitt

It will be nearly one month that 25-year-old Zachary Pruitt disappeared from his Virginia home. Family members say it is "out of character" for him and are praying for his safe return.

Though it has been nearly one month since Zachary Pruitt was last seen after stopping for an energy drink at a local gas station in Virginia, his twin sister and the rest of his family are still praying and hoping for his safe return. Zachary's twin sister, Rikki Pruitt, said her family started to suspect something was wrong when he did not show up for work and did not check on his grandmother, which he did daily.

"Days turned into weeks, and we can't believe he's been missing this long. We want to know that he's OK," Rikki told Dateline. 

The 25-year-old, who lives in Chatham, was last seen July 28 when he made a stop at a Kwik Shop in Dry Fork, the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.

Pruitt was driving a dark gray 2006 Pontiac G6 that is also missing. The car has a yellow Virginia license plate #4876UT and a "Don't tread on me" logo.

The cashier said Pruitt ordered a Monster energy drink before leaving, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, NBC News reported.

Rikki told the news program that her brother went to his construction job on July 27, and although he had the following day off, he decided to work and texted his boss that he would come in. Shortly after, it was discovered that Pruitt never showed up to work, after all.

New details emerged in the case four days later, when Pruitt's family called the authorities to request a welfare check at his home, they found Pruitt's phone and wallet - which contained his ID, bank card and cash.

The family, who is holding out hope, believes that this behavior is "out of character," and they are "concerned about his well-being."

Rikki, who lives in Florida, and her sister, Krista, traveled from North Carolina to help search for their brother. They also set up a Facebook page to help with any activity in the case.

"It's just not the norm for him. Even if he took off for a couple of days, he would contact one of us. But it's been too long," Rikki said. "He would never go this long."

Pruitt has brown hair, blue eyes and wears glasses. He usually wears a baseball cap and has a few tattoos: a deer tattoo on his left leg, numbers on his right shoulder, and a tattoo on one of his wrists that resembles a 7.

As the case remains under investigation, the family is trying to remain positive. Rikki said she does not believe anyone would want to hurt her brother. 

Anyone with information can call The Pittsylvania Sheriff's Office at 434-432-7931 or email