Sisters, 11 and 12, Are So Good at Chess They Were Asked to Audition for ‘Queen’s Gambit’

Rowan and Lila Field were asked to audition for the role of young Beth in the new hit series.

The new Netflix show “The Queen’s Gambit," which tells the story of a fictional chess prodigy named Beth Harmon, is a huge hit. It has now been streamed a whopping 62 million times, making it the most watched limited series in the streaming platform’s history.

It’s also inspiring a new generation of girls to play chess.

“Chess makes something that’s impossible always possible,” one young player told Inside Edition.

Rowan Field, 12, and her sister Lila, 11, are already fierce chess competitors.

“Chess is sort of one of those games that is really amazing and incredible and super fun to play, but people don’t really give a lot of attention to,” Rowan told Inside Edition.

The sisters are so good at the game that they were asked to audition to play the role of young Beth in the series.

“We obviously didn’t get the part, but it was still a very fun experience and a unique experience,” Lila said.

Jennifer Shahade, a two-time women’s chess champion, spoke to Inside Edition about the series putting a spotlight on the game.

“I am absolutely thrilled that ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is putting the spotlight on the game that I love. Especially the woman and girls angle,” Shahade said.