Snowboarder Trapped in Avalanche ‘Eternally Grateful’ for Rescuers Who Saved His Life

He and his wife were separated during the avalanche.

A California man is thanking the rescue team who ran to save him after he was buried by an avalanche while snowboarding Friday. 

“We are eternally grateful,” Evan Huck told Inside Edition. “We owe our lives to them.”

Huck was snowboarding with his wife Kahlynn in Squaw Valley, near Lake Tahoe, when the wall of snow suddenly came rushing behind them.

“It was just really scary,” he told Inside Edition. “I heard someone yell and [I] look back and saw about a 10-foot-wall of snow coming at me at about 60 to 70 miles per hour.” 

Once the snow plowed him down, he was buried alive. 

“I tried to move my limbs and couldn’t, so at that point I tried to relax and conserve oxygen,” he recalled. 

Kahlynn was separated from her husband, but somehow maneuvered her way out of the snow. 

“My boots were attached to my snowboard, so I was just in my socks, struggling to run up the mountain,” she said. 

She cried out for help for someone to rescue her husband and that was when fellow skiers noticed the tip of his snowboard poking out of the snow.

Huck was unharmed, but was shaken up as a result of the avalanche.