Some Arizona Residents Called Police Thinking Aliens Were Coming, But They Were Skydivers Setting a New Record

"We are not aliens," two of the skydivers confirmed to Inside Edition. Whew!

A strange light formation in the sky led to Arizona police receiving multiple reports from people thinking they were being visited by aliens. The mystery from the sky has now been solved.

The feat that created the panic over the sky in Eloy, Arizona, was a team of 46 skydivers setting a world record.

The skydivers jumped out of two airplanes and flew in an elaborate heads-down formation with remote-activated fireworks strapped to their feet.

They free-fell from 16,000 feet in the air and reached speeds of 200 miles an hour.

Two of the skydivers spoke with Inside Edition.

“Your senses are dimmed because of the darkness and all you’re seeing is the lights and the pyrotechnics so when you get out and you’re flying your body to the formation, you’re literally diving into fire,’ Max Pyro 2.0 skydiver Sara Curtis says.

The skydivers say the formation was pretty dangerous.

“You have multiple airplanes, you have less vision, which is nighttime, you have additional equipment, and then you have equipment that burns, so you have the pyro itself, so all these complexities,” says Max Pyro 2.0 skydiver Konstantin Petrijcuk.

Skydivers came from 11 different countries to participate. They practiced multiple times during the day before breaking the world record for a new vertical night jump.

“With the advent of wind tunnels, we can learn to fly in different body positions such as on our head. It’s higher speed and that’s what this record is doing,” Curtis says.

Curtis and Petrijcuk confirmed that they are not aliens.

The skydivers say a lot of planning goes into the jumps. The next one is not for another three years.

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