Some Homes Built by Brad Pitt Charity Post-Hurricane Katrina in Dire Need of Repairs

The actor helped build the homes in the wake of the 2005 hurricane in New Orleans.

Building homes in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina was a labor of love for Brad Pitt a little over a decade ago, but some of the houses are plagued with issues. 

The movie star set up a non-profit foundation called Make It Right to build dozens of distinctive but affordable and environmentally friendly houses in the city's devastated Lower 9th Ward. But some homeowners claim their Pitt homes are in a state of disrepair. 

“We have a problem with houses in the neighborhood falling apart," one resident told Inside Edition. 

One house, built just seven years ago, was demolished in June.

Mary Picot, and her husband Michael, say problems quickly appeared with the electrical wiring and the porch. 

They said mold has formed in the wood on their porch. 

Ann Maier claims she has also had problems with the front porch and other issues with the home she moved into just two years ago. 
“It was made with materials that were not properly treated — it's bubbling and cracking," she told Inside Edition. "The construction of it is at an angle that allows water to enter into the house."

The lumber used in the homes is apparently unable to stand up to New Orleans' humid and sub-tropical climate.

Lawrentay Dabon says his roof had to be repaired due to water leaks.

“These people sold us faulty, bad homes,” he said, before addressing Pitt directly: “Brad, you failed us. I know you had a plan. Unfortunately, you didn't see it through.” 

Another homeowner, Constance Fowler, said she would like Pitt "to make it right."

The actor's foundation Make It Right said in a statement that the homeowner's well-being is its top priority, adding they are working with the homeowners to address their concerns.