Some Schools Hold Outdoor Classes Amid Pandemic

Students at Manitou School, a private school in Cold Spring, New York will be learning outdoors.

More than 130 children, in grades kindergarten through eighth grade, will be returning to in-person learning at the Manitou School, a private school in Cold Spring, New York. But they’ll be returning in a very different way: outside under tents and sitting on logs. 

"We have our science area here. We have our art area over here," teacher Kim Chase told Inside Edition.

Chase said being outside presents unique challenges, like when the school was soaked during torrential rain storms.

"We really had to take in to account a lot of outdoor weather factors," Chase said.

On top of operating in open-air environments, students get temperature checks each morning and wear masks throughout the day. There are also hand-sanitizing stations and outdoor sinks. 

"It's all an adventure, and they're around other kids and they're learning," parent Jolie Hunt told Inside Edition.