Son Recalls Finding 'Coconut' That Turned Out to Be Mother's Skull While Renovating Home

Aaron Fraser long suspected his father had killed his mother; now he's testifying against him after finding her remains while renovating his childhood home.

Aaron Fraser is testifying against his own father after finding his mother's remains while renovating his childhood home. 

Fraser was just 3 years old when his mom, Bonnie Haim, vanished from their Jacksonville, Florida, home in 1993.

Anchorwoman Mary Baer of WJXT-TV remembers covering her initial disappearance 25 years ago, including speaking to Fraser's father, Michael Haim, who now stands accused of Bonnie's murder.

"What I remember most about the interaction I had with him is that he brought his son out during the interview and asked him, 'Where's Mommy? Aaron, where's Mommy?'" Baer told Inside Edition.

Fraser's response was heartbreaking. 

"She's not here," he replied.

Baer added: "I remember coming into the newsroom and just thinking ... 'Something just isn't right.'"

Michael was an immediate suspect in Bonnie's death, according to police, but her remains were never found and the case went cold

Fraser grew up and eventually sued his own father for his mother's wrongful death — and won. He was awarded possession of the family home, where he made a stunning discovery while renovating in 2014: Bonnie's remains.

In 2015, Michael was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. He pleaded not guilty and is now on trial — with his own son as a key witness against him. 

Testifying about the discovery of his mother's remains earlier this week, Fraser said that at first he didn't know what he was looking at.

"I saw what I describe as something that looked like a coconut, it was a fibrous material, just like a brown coconut," Fraser said. 

"I picked up the coconut object and it ended up being the top portion of her skull," he added, recalling he could even see teeth. 

A DNA test confirmed what he suspected: The remains were Bonnie's.

The trial is ongoing.