'Spider-Man' Breaks Into Arizona Police Station and Falls Asleep in Ceiling Duct While High on Meth: Cops

Jesus Carrillo-Levya told police he "was like Spider-Man"
Jesus Carrillo-Levya was arrested inside a police station. Mesa Police Department

The man allegedly told cops he felt like "Spider-Man."

An Arizona man who climbed into a police station while high on methamphetamine said he felt like "Spider-Man," authorities said.

Jesus Carrillo-Levya, 51, told investigators he was running from bad guys when he used a ladder to reach a window at the Mesa Police Department, then broke it and crawled inside, officials said. He was found asleep in a ceiling vent. 

Detectives who arrived at 7 a.m. Wednesday noticed the broken window. They also found open desk drawers and dried blood. About an hour later, officers discovered a backpack near a fence surrounding the station, as well as a freshly dug hole under the fence.

The station was evacuated and SWAT officers searched the building until they discovered a ceiling tile out of place. That's where police found Levya, asleep inside the opening, and arrested him, they said.

He was charged with burglary, criminal trespassing and criminal defacing. It wasn't clear whether he had an attorney.