'Spider-Man' Tom Holland Rescues Fan Being Crushed Outside 'Late Show'

The actor's Spidey sense was tingling when he helped a 20-year-old college student.

Tom Holland doesn’t just play a hero in the movies. The “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star helped a real damsel in distress. 

Holland was appearing on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Monday night. Before he entered the Ed Sullivan Theater in Midtown Manhattan, Holland helped a young lady who was being pushed by autograph hounds. 

“That's OK. I got you. I got you,” Holland told Cassidy Ariel as she was being pushed into barricades. 

Ariel found herself in a throng of eager fans outside the theater as Holland showed up. The frenzy almost pushed her to the brink of a panic attack. 

“They were pushing up against me, shoving me, putting posters over our head, whatever they had,” she told Inside Edition. 

The 20-year-old college student showed us how she was crushed against a barricade. 

“Tom was about two people away. He saw me,” she recalled.

At that point, Holland’s Spidey sense was tingling and he comforted the fan. 

“I was about to have a panic attack. He said, ‘I got you.’ And made them move away,” she said. 

Holland told the people around Ariel back up and made sure she was alright. 

Holland didn't dish on the drama during his appearance on Colbert's show, but this fan said she will never forget Spider-Man coming to her rescue.

“I’m so grateful,” she said. “Thank you.”