Splashing Panda in China Gives Dancing Gorilla in Dallas Some Stiff Competition

Panda in China showers like a maniac and takes on dancing gorilla with moves from 'Flash Dance'

There's a panda in China that vigorously showers, even in the dead of winter, every time he exercises in his zoo enclosure in Shandong Province.

Eight-year-old Erxi is a splashing fool, rolling around his water hole and banging his paws to send his bath water flying.  

His antics appear to be just as captivating as Zola the gorilla, a 14-year-old that tap dances, spins in circles and swings his arms like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Inside Edition

For the last seven years, videos of fleet-footed Zola have gone viral, most recently as he kicked up his heels in a blue kiddie pool.

Erxi's handlers in China say pandas usually have only two daily activities, sleeping and eating. So Erxi's high-energy baths and  nonstop running and swinging from trees makes him very special.