Steven Seagal Cuts BBC Interview Short as He's Questioned About Sexual Assault Allegations


The actor ripped out his earpiece when asked about the accusations.

Steven Seagal abruptly ended a live TV interview in Great Britain as he was questioned about several misconduct allegations against him.

"In terms of your life in America, you have been very much caught up in all the allegations of sexual harassment,” Kirsty Wark of the BBC's "Newsnight" told the actor. “You had a rape allegation against you and I wonder how you deal with all that?"

And that was all the “On Deadly Ground” star needed to hear as he ripped out his earpiece and walked off. 

“Seagal there, and of course though he didn’t respond there, he has said previously that he denies any allegation made against him,” Wark said to the camera.

Seagal has been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women, including Portia de Rossi, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy.

In 2017, Inside Edition Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Guerrero said she experienced Seagal’s bad behavior more than 20 years ago. 

At the time, Seagal was casting his film, "Fire Down Below," and told her she was up for the lead role. Guerrero had insisted that a female casting director accompany her to the meeting.

“When I knocked, he came to the door in a silk robe and nothing else,” she recalled. "I left, walking away, thinking, 'Thank God I was with another person.'"

Nothing physical happened. Guerrero says she was invited back for another audition, but was asked to come alone. When she refused, she says she was cast in a much smaller role.

Guerrero also detailed another disturbing incident that she says happened on set.

“He walked over and asked me to go to his dressing room," she recalled. "And I said no."

In the end, she wound up being cut from the film entirely.

Seagal has strongly denied all allegations of sexual misconduct made against him.