Stormy Daniels: Newly Released Video Shows Arrest of Adult Film Star at Ohio Strip Club

The charges against her were later dropped.

The video of adult film star Stormy Daniels’ arrest at an Ohio strip club has been released.

Daniels was performing at Sirens in Columbus on July 11 when she was taken into custody for being charged with three misdemeanor counts of illegal touching of a patron, which in this case were allegedly three undercover vice cops conducting a sting operation.  

Video of the arrest shows Daniels being placed in handcuffs and stepping into the back of a police van.

“Watch your head,” an officer says in the video. “Have a seat there on the left.”

Once at the police station, Daniels is taken to a private room, where she lifts her shirt to show her tattoos, including the ones on her arms and a big one on her stomach.

"It’s covering a scar," she tells the officers.

The next day, the charges against Daniels were dropped because of the word, "regularly" in the Ohio state law that states: "An employee who regularly appears nude or semi-nude at a sexually oriented business is prohibited from touching patrons."

Daniels is not a regular performer at Sirens.

Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, happily posted on Twitter about the dropped charges.

“I am pleased to report that the charges against my client @stormydaniels have been dismissed in their entirety,” the Tweet read.