How These Women Changed Their Lives and Dropped More Than 300 Pounds

Their stories are featured in the latest issue of People magazine.

These three women are revealing their body transformations to Inside Edition after collectively dropping more than 300 pounds. 

Brianna Bernard, 32, once tipped the scales at 245 pounds. She said she had gained weight after the birth of her first child, with the help of Pop Tarts and sugar-filled cereal.  

She dropped 107 pounds by shifting to a sensible diet and exercising. Today, she has no problem showing off her bikini body. She even went on to become a personal trainer.

Bernard now enjoys a breakfast of oatmeal with powdered peanut butter. 

Rachel Saintfort says food used to be her best friend, until she hit 291 pounds.

She told Inside Edition that for lunch, she used to nearly polish off an entire pizza and cookies. 

The 32-year-old mom says it was her daughter who inspired her to change bad eating habits and drop 121 pounds.

She says she now drinks eight bottles of water a day, opts for chicken breasts over pizza and enjoys an egg white omelet for breakfast. 

Lauren Council, 26, weighed 270 pounds at her heaviest.

She lost 106 pounds after trading potato chips and M&M's for chicken breast and veggies.

Their incredible weight loss journeys are featured in People magazine's “Bodies” issue, which hits newsstands Friday.

“All of the changes they made are doable by anyone," Zoe Ruderman, editor of People Digital, told Inside Edition. “These are things we can all accomplish. It is not about surgery."

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