Strange Lights Above San Diego Spark Speculation of UFO

Strange lights
Daniel Burns/Twitter

People posted photos and videos to social media showing the glowing orbs.

San Diego residents were startled Wednesday as mysterious lights appeared in the sky over their city.

On Twitter, people posted pictures and video of the strange glowing orbs, with some speculating that the lights were not of this Earth.

What’s happening over the downtown skyline? Looking from La Mesa to downtown. Looks like floating balls of fire? @CBS8 #ballsoffire #whatsthat

—  Daniel Burns (@DBurnsOfficial) August 30, 2018

— Cheyenne; (@CheysReputation) August 30, 2018

Extraterrestrial lights randomly appearing in the air of Pacific Beach, San Diego. What are they?! #SanDiego #lights @nbcsandiego

— Nicky Fox (@itsnickyfox) August 30, 2018

So did San Diego get visited by aliens Wednesday night? Not so fast. 

A Navy spokesperson said the mysterious lights were simply part of a flare training exercise, according to CBS8

But others expressed doubt at that explanation.

Howdy @tomdelonge , what do you make of this? It was in our (San Diego) night sky tonight. The official word is that it was a military flare exercise. I don't agree.

— Joe Martin (@jop_ii_ftw) August 30, 2018

The truth is out there.