Strangers Appear at Texas Man’s Doorstep After ‘Find My’ App Sends Frustrated Cell Phone Owners to His Home

Frustrated iPhone owners have been showing up to Scott Schuster’s home after the "Find My" app tells them their device is at his address. Schuster says he does not have their phones.

Stranger after stranger kept showing up at one Texas man’s front door after the "Find My" app told them their lost phones were at his home.

Frustrated iPhone owners have been showing up to his house at all hours of the day and night, Scott Schuster tells Inside Edition. However, the lost phones are not at his home.

“It’s just really bizarre,” Schuster says.

Ring camera footage shows multiple people arriving at Schuster’s doorstep. Some were understanding that Schuster did not have their phones, but some were upset.

“The cops are on their way over here so you may wanna come talk to me before they come here,” footage shows one cell phone owner saying.

“I have never been threatened yet. ‘Yet’ is the part that scares me,” Schuster says.

He says he is worried that “someone who is irrational shows up with a weapon wanting their device back, thinking I have stolen it or have it.”

Schuster has reached out to Apple tech support many times but says he still does not have an answer as to what is causing this glitch. But Schuster has one theory as to why this is occurring.

“My home used to be a model home for this neighborhood," he says. "So somewhere in some database that address lives for this neighborhood and I feel like if it pings in my neighborhood and they can’t tie it to a specific address, it falls back to my address.”

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