Strangers Show Support for Couple Who Blame Themselves for California's Carr Fire: 'Forgive Yourself'

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A Facebook post prompted the messages.

Strangers are offering support to a husband and wife whose trailer accident led to the raging Carr Fire in California. 

The fire was reportedly started by blown tire on the trailer, which sparked a fire that spread to the brush along the highway on July 23. The blaze has burned more than 218,000 acres of land and is about 75 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

After hearing that the owners of the trailer felt extreme guilt, local resident Rachel Pilli took to Facebook to ask for messages of support for the pair, who have not been identified. 

The post was put then put up on a local Facebook page, Carr Fire Stories, where it received a lot of attention.

“We personally know someone whose mom is a neighbor to the man whose trailer accident led to #CarrFire,” the page reads. “Many have been thinking and praying for this man. We learned that his wife is blaming herself for the #CarrFire, because she asked him to take the trailer in the first place.”

The post then asks the public if they could find it in themselves to “extend kindness” and forgiveness to the couple. 

Hundreds of people began commenting with messages of support for the two.

“I lost my trailer and my parents lost [their] house,” wrote one Facebook user. “But what happened was no fault of this couple. The weather conditions, the area, the lack of properly clearing underbrush was at fault. I ... hope this couple knows that no one blames them.”

Many sent prayers to the couple as well.

“Could have happened to anyone. Forgive yourself. You did nothing wrong," another user wrote.