Stray Dog Wanders Into Home During Storm, Becomes Part of Family

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A good Samaritan didn’t realize he came to the aid of a stray puppy after it wandered into his home during a storm. 

Security video shows the dog wandering into the home through an open door just after 3 a.m. recently. The homeowner, Jack Jokinen, had no idea the animal was in his home. Assuming the wind had flung the door open, he shut it. 

Nearly an hour later, Emily Jokinen woke up to feed their newborn baby girl and saw the dog hanging out in the home. 

“I walk out to get a pacifier and there is this dog sitting there,” she told Inside Edition. “I had no idea how she got there. All the doors were shut; all the windows were shut.”

Now, the dog is no longer homeless as Jack and Emily are keeping her and are calling her Suzy. 

“She's a senior dog with a lot of health issues so we're going to nurse her back to health and give her the best life possible,” Emily added. 


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