Student, 20, Dines and Dashes After Ordering $2,200 Bottle of Wine at 5-Star Restaurant

Yahya Egeh, 20, racked up a $2,730 bill before dashing.
Yahya Egeh, 20, racked up a $2,730 bill before dashing.(Getty)

Architecture student Yahya Egeh, 20, was only given £20 for dinner from his mom.

A $2,200 bottle of wine and dinner at The Savoy in London seemed like the perfect way for this 20-year-old to indulge on his birthday. Too bad he couldn’t afford the check.

Yahya Egeh, 20, an architecture student, had originally planned on a modest birthday dinner using £20 ($26) his mother gifted him for the milestone, Metro reported.

But he said his friend, Tallulah, suggested they celebrate with dinner at The Savoy, a five-star hotel that is home to a fine-dining restaurant, instead.

While he waited for his friend Tallulah, he proceeded to order food and a bottle of 2004 Chateau Mouton Rothschild that cost £1,750 ($2,230). In total, Egeh racked up a £2,146 ($2,730) restaurant bill.

It then became clear he was being stood up.

“Tallulah never arrived and he started to panic,” Egeh's lawyer, Shaher Bukhari, said in an interview with Metro.

Egeh finished his wine and meal and attempted to quickly leave the restaurant without paying, but he was apprehended by security.

“He apologized for what he did,” Bukhari said.

Egeh will be sentenced Friday after admitting to making off without payment, according to Metro.

Bukhari didn’t immediately respond to’s request for comment.