Student Orders Food so Delivery Driver Can Kill Spider, Calling Him 'A Real Life Hero'

Demi Sweeney
Demi Sweeney

He said he was afraid of spiders too, but killed the insect anyway.

A student in the UK ordered food just so the delivery man could help her kill a spider.

Demi Sweeney, 22, has a spider phobia and when she spotted one while scanning a room in her apartment she panicked. Sweeney said her roommates weren’t home so she had to come up with an alternative solution.

“I noticed a huge one in the corner of the corridor near to the stairs and began to panic,” Sweeney told “I rang several of my friends in the area who were all busy.”

That’s when Sweeney said she got the idea to message Deliveroo, a food delivery company. She said she asked if one of their delivery men could kill the spider if she ordered food.

“They replied saying if the driver wasn’t scared of spiders himself, then this could be arranged,” Sweeney said.

She wrote in the delivery instructions section of her Deliveroo order, “I have spoken to Deliveroo Customer Service, PLEASE can you help to remove a spider for me”.

The driver arrived and said he’d read her note but was scared of spiders himself. Through some coaxing, however, he agreed to remove it for her. She handed him a tissue and he squashed the arachnid and flushed it down the toilet for her.

“I thanked him around 50 times and he kept saying this is so funny whilst laughing. I wanted to hug him! A REAL LIFE HERO!” Sweeney said.