Subway Opera Singer Brings Viral Performance to Los Angeles Stage

Her rise from the streets of L.A. brought Emily Zamourka to tears.

The subway opera singer with the voice of an angel has made her public debut post-going viral. 

Emily Zamourka was homeless when she was captured singing in the subway by a Los Angeles police officer. The video drew massive amounts of attention online, changing the course of Zamourka's life. 

Zamourka said she became homeless after a thief smashed her $10,000 violin. Before that, she was a popular street performer in downtown L.A.

Now, after earning kudos for her beautiful voice, Zamourka played her first professional gig since the video emerged, performing at the grand opening of the new Little Italy district in Los Angeles. 

She sobbed as she performed. Watch the video above. 

Additional reporting by Tony Coghlan