Subway Opera Singer Says Allegedly Stolen Violin Was 'Everything' to Her

Subway singer
Los Angeles Police Department

The Los Angeles homeless woman with a phenomenal voice is turning her life around.

Emily Zamourka's life was derailed two years ago after a thief snatched her precious violin, and although a good Samaritan chased the robber and got it back, it was damaged beyond repair.  

“When I got 10 feet away from him he threw it,” the good Samaritan says in video of the aftermath of the theft. 

Zamourka was inconsolable. 

“They snatched the violin from me," she told Inside Edition. "After that my income went boom! Down.”

Before that day, Zamourka was a familiar figure in downtown L.A., where she was often seen playing her violin on the street. 

“It was $10,000! It was my treasure. I had it with me many, many many, years,” she said. “It was my life. It was everything to me.” 

With no other options, she started singing to make ends meet. Her voice won America’s heart after video of her singing opera was posted by an L.A. police officer last week, helping Zamourka turn her life around.  

“I want to thank him really very much because if he wouldn’t do what he did, people would never know about me and my talent,” she said. 

A GoFundMe appeal has raised $34,000. She has been asked to sing at an Italian festival in Los Angeles this weekend and efforts are being made to find her a home. 

Most of all, Zamourka wants to replace her high-end violin. Right now, she is recovering from an injured wrist.


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