Surveillance Video Emerges of 'Look-Alike Killer' Suspect Wearing Victim's Hat

The family of Pamela Hutchinson says it's heartbreaking to see Lois Riess wearing the hat as she flees police.

A fugitive grandmother wanted in connection with two killings is wearing the hat of one of her alleged victims, authorities said.

Surveillance video shows Lois Riess wearing a white, fedora-style hat with a black ribbon as she checked into a Florida hotel. The family of Pamela Hutchinson, who was allegedly killed by Riess, claims that hat belonged to her.

"Pamela loved hats," said Hutchinson's cousin, Tabitha Stoops.

Hutchinson loved to be outdoors, her cousin said, and often wore hats to shield her face from the sun.

Hutchinson is Riess' second victim, according to authorities.

Investigators said Riess shot and killed her husband in their rural Minnesota home, then drove to Florida, where she befriended Hutchinson and shot her to death with the same gun.

She is believed to have targeted Hutchinson because she bore a resemblance to her, and intended to steal her identity.

Riess then assumed Hutchinson's identity, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Hutchinson's body was found on April 9 in room 404 of the Marine Village in Fort Myers. Riess was tracked to Texas, driving Hutchinson's white Acura, deputies said.