Suspect Climbs on Patrol Car's Roof as it Drives Down Texas Highway

He climbed on the roof after kicking out a back window, police say.

prisoner attempted a daring escape atop a police car while it drove down a Texas highway. 

Dramatic eyewitness video captured Martin Estrada, 31, who was being transported to jail by the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, riding on top of the car as it moved down the Wichita Falls Highway on Wednesday, authorities said.

Estrada allegedly managed to get one of his wrists free from handcuffs before busting open the back window of the police car. 

Police said Estrada then threatened suicide if the driver didn’t pull over the car and when they didn’t, he climbed onto the vehicle's roof. 

“The deputy made the determination to not stop the vehicle until Wichita County officers arrived to assist,” the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release.

Once the deputy pulled over, Estrada allegedly tried to flee but was “Tased” by an officer.

Estrada's charges include evading arrest, aggravated robbery, and possession of meth with intent to deliver.