Suspect in a California Supermarket Drags and Injures Woman While Trying to Snatch Her Purse: Cops

According to a witness, the suspect also stole another woman's purse in the parking lot.

An alleged thief made a bold and dangerous move when he tried to snatch a purse from a customer at a grocery store and ended up dragging her several feet.  

“The lady got hurt right here,” a witness explains while pointing to his head. "Scratches. I saw a little bit of bleeding." 

The man was at the grocery store in San Gabriel, California, when the incident happened. 

He says he saw the purse-snatcher and two friends wandering around the store before he later saw them running out the front door with the woman’s purse in hand. 

He also says that while they were in the parking lot, they snatched a purse from another woman shopping with her teenage daughter. 

San Gabriel Police say the suspects are believed to be African American and in their 20s.

The two victims were Asian women in their 40s, but investigators say these appear to be isolated incidents. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the San Gabriel Police Detectives Bureau at 626-308-2835.

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