Syringes, Roaches, Spiders: Inside the Home of an Extreme Hoarder

Before going into the home, Inside Edition’s staff had to wear garb similar to HAZMAT suits. 

A California homeowner has hoarded for more than 40 years, and the trash is stacking up as high as the ceiling of the house

The owner, who does not want to be identified, moved into the two-bedroom condo in Lawndale, California, four decades ago. It's believed he didn't clean the place up even once in all those years.

Neighbors have been complaining for years. The final straw came when the homeowner was overcome by fumes from the filth. The neighbors were obviously concerned about the health hazard, but what prompted the cleanup, was the discovery of the homeowner passed out on the floor. He had to be carried away by paramedics.

Inside Edition went into the home and found a calendar from 1986 and a poster of Heather Locklear from the 1980s. He requested Inside Edition look for his birth certificate in all the mess.

Before entering the home, Inside Edition’s staff had to put on garb similar to HAZMAT suits. There are used syringes everywhere because the homeowner is diabetic. A company went in to the home to do a deep clean and entered areas filled with roaches, silverfish and spiders. 

The team from Steri Clean has been making real progress but the home is going to be completely gutted if someone should live there again. The owner of the home is currently in an assisted living facility.