Taylor Swift's Dad Delivers Pizza to Hungry Fans Lined Up for Concert

The pizza came from Mariella Pizza on New York's Upper East Side.

Taylor Swift’s most devoted fans got a very special surprise from her dad as they waited to see her in concert on "Good Morning America" Thursday morning. 

The fans were lined up in Central Park in New York City by 5:30 a.m., braving the sweltering summer heat to see their icon. 

"Rest assured Swifties, the NYPD never sleeps & our officers will be around all night long keeping you safe!” tweeted police of the 19th precinct. 

A surprise awaited the early birds as the singer's father, Scott Swift, delivered 30 pizzas.

“Taking a 5 hour bus ride from Virginia is the best decision we ever made! You've made us the happiest girls in the world!!!" one fan tweeted. 

The pies were from Mariella Pizza. 

"I got a call, someone wanted to order 30 pies for pickup. Business as usual,” the manager said. “Scott [Swift] comes in with another gentleman and a few young fans."

The manager added: "I had no idea who he was."