Teen Breaks 2 Ribs in Trampoline Trick Gone Horribly Wrong

Derek Therrien, 15, said it was the worst injury he's ever suffered while GTramping, or garden trampolining.

A Michigan teen was seriously injured while attempting a flip off his trampoline

Video captures the moment Derek Therrien, 15, tried the trick, sending himself sailing out over the edge of the trampoline net and slamming into the frame at its base. 

"The specific flip that I was doing in that video was called a cody," Derek told Inside Edition. "A cody is when you do a back flip off of your stomach."

Derek said he knew he wasn't going to make it and tried to grab onto the net. 

"But that slipped because I was just coming down too fast, so then my feet clipped the net and that essentially flipped me to my stomach ... then I hit the frame," he said.

He broke two ribs and popped a blood vessel in his eye.

The trick was a part of a sport known as GTramp, or garden trampolining, in which kids try increasingly difficult tricks on backyard trampolines, typically while recording the stunt. 

While Derek has performed plenty of flips and tricks without issue in the past, the cody is an especially difficult maneuver and it got the best of him that day.

"It is a very hard trick to do," he said.