Teen Charged With Murder of 17-Year-Old Haylie Gonzalez Allegedly FaceTimed for Help to Dump Her Body: Report

17-year-old Haylie Gonzalez, left, never returned home after attending a Fourth of July party. 18-year-old Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez, right, has been arrested for her kidnapping and murder.
(GoFundMe/Oklahoma County Jail)

Haylie Gonzalez, 17, never returned home after attending "a regular Fourth of July celebration,” a neighbor said.

As 17-year-old Haylie Gonzalez, an Oklahoma City teen who went missing on the Fourth of July, lay dying from a bullet to the head, the man accused of killing her allegedly FaceTimed a witness, asking for help dumping a body, according to a probable cause affidavit.

When a witness advised him to take Gonzalez to the hospital, he refused and said, “he didn’t want to, or he would go to prison,” according to the probable cause affidavit obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

Eduardo Bonilla-Lopez, 18, is now facing charges of first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Haylie had gone to a house party in Oklahoma City the evening of the Fourth of July and never returned home, according to the affidavit.

“Just a regular Fourth of July celebration,” neighbor Joer McNulty told KWTV.

At some point in the evening, Haylie made a call to someone asking for a ride, and “sounded scared,” according to the affidavit.

“I believe that she called someone because she believed in her heart she wasn’t in a good situation,” her sister Sonie Gonzalez told KWTV.

When the person arrived, they found Bonilla-Lopez “washing his hands," "gave different variations of what happened," and "was acting strange," the affidavit said. 

A different witness said Bonilla-Lopez had FaceTimed them earlier in the night asking for help dumping the body, according to the affidavit. The witness had allegedly been shown Haylie bleeding from her head in the front passenger seat of a car, the affidavit said. At the time, she was "still alive but severely injured," according to the report.

That witness advised Bonilla-Lopez to take her to the hospital, but he refused, the affidavit said. Bonilla-Lopez told that witness that he would dump her body, and when calling that witness back later on in the night, he said he “took care of the girl,” according to the report.

Earlier, that witness said they had spoken with a friend who said Bonilla-Lopez, who was allegedly known to carry a handgun, had shot and killed someone at the party, the report said.

Police said, when confronted, Bonilla-Lopez told police that Haylie had been at his house and "had been shot," that he refused to take her to a hospital, that Haylie is dead, and that another suspect had driven him and Haylie to a second location where her body was dumped, according to the affidavit.

It is not yet clear if a second person was actually involved. No one else has been named a suspect. Haylie’s body has not yet been recovered.

"The investigation is still ongoing," a spokesperson with the Oklahoma City Police Department told Inside Edition Digital. "Our investigators are working diligently to put all the pieces of this incident together."

As of Thursday afternoon, Bonilla-Lopez is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail without bond. He has not yet been arraigned and does not yet have a court date or lawyer listed. 

Haylie's family, however, is still hopeful she will turn up. “Hopefully someone is helping her get better and will help get back, like hey she’s alive or something,” Haylie’s sister Sonie told KWTV.

A GoFundMe page to support Haylie's family has been created.

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