Teen Couple Accused of Killing Girl’s Dad Because He Didn’t Approve of Their Relationship

Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero have been charged with murder.

A 16-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend are accused of killing the girl’s father and bragging about it on camera. Police believe Sierra Halseth and Aaron Guerrero killed Sierra’s dad Daniel because he didn’t approve of their relationship.

While on the run, they filmed a disturbing video, in which Guerrero says, “Day three after murdering somebody.”

“Whoa! Don't put that on camera!” Sierra said.

Daniel Halseth was a fitness and travel buff who loved to post videos online, including moments as a doting dad. But he reportedly didn’t approve of his daughter dating Guerrero. And he wasn’t alone — his ex-wife Elizabeth, a former Republican state senator, also had a problem with her daughter’s relationship.

After they banned Sierra from seeing Guerrero, her dad disappeared.

“He's been missing for two days. And his work's called, his family's called, I've called, his ex-wife's called and there's nobody answering the phone ... I know there's something very wrong going on here,” Sierra’s mom said in a 911 call.

And there was something very wrong indeed — as friends found out when they checked on Daniel’s home in Las Vegas that he had been renovating.

“There's a dead body in the garage we just found,” a friend said in the 911 call.

Daniel Halseth had been stabbed to death and his body was set on fire. Cops say Sierra Halseth and Aaron Gurerro then took off in her dad’s car right after the slaying. They were arrested days later 400 miles away in Salt Lake City after apparently trying to dodge a train fare.

Prosecutors say they found that chilling video on the girl's cellphone. It appears to have been taken in a tent while they were on the run. At one point, Guerrero put his hands around Sierra’s neck.

The two were also caught on security camera buying bleach and other items cops say were used to clean up the crime scene.

The teens have been charged with murder, but haven't entered a plea. If convicted, Guerrero could face the death penalty. Because she is a minor, Sierra faces life in prison.

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