Teen Driver Surprised He Lived After Truck Rolls Over in Bad Weather

Video captured the incredible moment some Good Samaritans turned over Finn Rooney's truck and he stood up from the wreckage.

A 19-year-old student narrowly escaped death when his pick-up truck rolled over into a flooded ditch but was saved after a band of good Samaritans came together to flip the vehicle back over.

Finn Rooney said the accident happened Wednesday while driving on Highway 79 in Texas, on his way to surprise his mom for her birthday. But his truck reportedly hydroplaned and flipped over.

The pickup landed in a ditch, which began flooding.

"I was stuck, water was just pouring in," Rooney told Inside Edition.

When all hope seemed lost, a group of Good Samaritans came to his rescue.

"I was screaming for help and they were there," Rooney said.

Police footage captured the moment the team helped Rooney's truck back over. As the tires bounced back on the ground, video showed the top of the truck crushed and mangled from the crash.

Then, suddenly, Rooney popped his head out and stood up from the wreckage.

"I'm lucky that those people were there," Rooney said. "I'm still surprised I didn't get crushed."

Rooney’s truck was crushed and mangled when it flipped over, but he walked away with just bruised hands a cut on his arm.

While in the hospital, his mother turned the tables on him. 

"She walked into the room and I'm like, 'Well, happy birthday," Rooney said. "She's like, 'I'm just glad you're still here.' I'm like, 'Uh, yeah, me too."

Inside Edition brought the survivor back together with the woman who shot that amazing rescue video, Suzan Hurley.

“You're a miracle,” she told him. “I was just standing there praying the whole time that you would be OK.”

She said she'll never forget the moment she saw he was unharmed.

“He looked like he rose up out of the ashes in that video and I could tell he looked like he was the age of my kids," she said.

She recalled that “the first thing that he said when I walked up to him and he saw I had a phone in my hand was, 'Can I use your phone? I need to call my mom.'”