Teen Gets Dog Toy Lodged in Body Causing Him to Squeak Every Time He Breathes

Squeaky Kid
Inside Edition

This is a strange toy story, but luckily for the teenager it has a happy ending.

One 13-year-old boy is squeaking every time he laughs or breathes because of a dog toy lodged in his system, and he has become a mini celebrity at his nearby hospital because of this strange occurrence.

Jonathan spoke to Inside Edition and said he was horsing around at home when it all happened.

"I got a whistle out of a dog toy so I put it between my lips trying to annoy my mom and she tried to hit me then I gasped and it went into my airways,” he said.

The dog toy is tiny and can easily be swallowed, as Jonathan’s case demonstrates. The teenager says he never felt any pain.

"The only way I knew it was there was by the sound it made,” he said.

He couldn't cough it up, so his mother took him to the hospital, where uhe became a mini celebrity.

"All the doctors and nurses would come in and they were like ‘hey, can you make that noise for me,’” he said.

Jonathan was lucky that the toy didn't go further into his lungs as doctors would have had to perform surgery to remove it.

Doctors had to sedate Jonathan and use a special scope to remove the squeaker.  

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