Teen Risks His Life to Save Double Amputee Amid Tornado Sirens: Today on Inside Edition

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A teen is being hailed a hero for pushing a double amputee to safety amid severe weather in America's heartland. 

As tornado sirens blared, Seth Phillips took a hold of Gregory Beck's wheelchair and pushed him all the way home to take shelter

Dr. Jennifer Ashton is opening up about how her ex-husband took his own life in 2017 in an effort to reduce the taboo surrounding suicide. Read an excerpt from her new book, which she hopes will help other families in need.

Police say Isaiah Thompson brought the world's biggest subway system to a screeching halt. It's believed he may have pulled the emergency brakes on up to 40 trains since February. How he allegedly did it.

And as Memorial Day approaches, every service member buried at Arlington National Cemetery is honored by having a flag placed on their grave

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