Teen Starts Clothing Closet for Kids in Need at His School

The student wanted to give back.
Port Allen Middle School

Chase Neyland-Square came up with the idea to better his school.

An eighth-grade student wanted to make sure he gives back, so he opened up a closet in his school where kids could get clothes if they need them. 

Chase Neyland-Square, 13, who attends Port Allen Middle School in Louisiana, had the idea to open up a pantry at his school that’s filled with clothes and shoes for fellow students.

Chase said his principal, Jessica Major, had asked students how they could make their school better through a program called SPARK when Chase was still in sixth grade. He suggested the closet. It’s now called “PAMs pantry.” 

“I felt very good that the school listened to my voice and we helped improve the school,” Chase told InsideEdition.com. 

The closet has now been in service for two years and 75 of the school’s 213 students have used what’s inside. 

Chase said clothes have been donated from all around the state, and in the summer, he cleans out what’s old and adds newer things. Multiple students and teachers help run the closet. 

“I think it’s important to do things like this because not everyone is as fortunate and it was my opportunity to give back,” the teen said.