Teen's Out-of-Control Ride in Stolen Church Bus Caught on Tape: 'He's Violently Swerving'

The suspect was found to be a 15-year-old kid after the wild police chase.

Footage of a Texas teenager who stole a church bus and drove it down a highway in a wild chase last month has been released. 

The incident was part of a new episode of the A&E show "Live PD," which airs Friday and Saturdays on the network. The country watched this weekend’s episode in awe as the teen was seen taking off with the church bus. 

The camera crew was on a nighttime ride with deputies from Fort Bend County, Texas, when they came upon the out-of-control bus.

The bus didn’t have any lights on and was refusing to stop. 

"The officer and our crew initially thought that there were kids inside that bus," ABC News' chief legal analyst, Dan Abrams, who also hosts "Live PD," told Inside Edition.

During the hot pursuit, the deputies suddenly realize it was a 15-year-old behind the wheel.

Luckily, no passengers were aboard the bus, but it was still a dangerous situation for the camera crew tailing the vehicle. 

"I think the police here were being very careful in the way that they followed this bus. There were multiple vehicles there. They weren’t trying to use any kind of crazy maneuver," he said. 

The bus crossed a lane and struck a barrier before going into oncoming traffic. It made a stop only after it rammed a sheriff’s cruiser. 

Deputies with guns drawn rushed the vehicle and the kid was placed in handcuffs in the March 23 incident.

The juvenile was, however, charged with "evading and aggravated assault on a peace officer for ramming the patrol unit."

Pastor Jose Arteaga of Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Comunidad De Amor, where the bus had been stolen, refused to press charges against the teenager.

The pastor says he too was a wild child in his younger years and knows firsthand the power of forgiveness.