As Temperatures Drop Again, Truck Seen Sliding Down Icy Road and Crashing Into Pole

Sliding trucks and careening cars have made for disastrous conditions on the roads.

The treacherous winter weather is making for some dangerous driving conditions across the country.  

In Dallas this month, a tractor-trailer drove up an icy hill before sliding back down out of control and crashing into a light pole, causing it to topple over. 

Also in Texas, cars were seen careening into each other on an icy overpass in Houston this week.

The coast guard had to break up thick sheets of ice on the Connecticut River Tuesday that had formed over the weekend. The ice sheets were about four to five feet in diameter and there were hundreds in the water. 

Flooding coupled with freezing temps turned a Vermont street into a frozen river.

In Kentucky, an officer's dash cam captured a car skidding on black ice before striking the police cruiser Monday. 

"Apparently, when the motorists oncoming saw that he had his lights on, she attempted to slow down while she was on ice, lost control of her vehicle, spun sideways and struck the front of our vehicle," Sgt. Jeff Hagedon of the Park Hills Police Department said in a statement.