Tennessee Woman Says She Was Asked to Cover Up Sports Bra With T-Shirt or Leave Gym

Julia Maren was working out at a gym near her home when an employee requested that she cover up her sports bra with a t-shirt or leave.

A Tennessee woman who wore a sports bra and high-waisted leggings to the gym is speaking out after she said she was told to cover up the bra with a t-shirt or leave. Julia Maren was working out near her home when she said an employee gave the request.

“Today I was told I’d have to leave the gym if I didn’t put a shirt on with no explanation,” Maren posted on social media.

“It was not revealing or inappropriate in any way. There was nothing provocative that could be seen. It was maybe this much of my waist," she told Inside Edition.

Maren feels there is a double standard for women, especially in regards to workout attire.

“There was no dress code in my contract," she said.

Social media chimed in.

"They want you to put a shirt on because nobody wants to see your skin," one commenter said.

"There is nothing wrong with what she is wearing," another comment said.

Maren said she will continue to work out in her sports bra, just not at that gym.