Terrifying Moment Dad Makes Emergency Landing in Plane With Family on Board

Inside Edition spoke to Melissa and Devin, who live in Texas, about their terrifying experience.

When pilot Devin Miller lost throttle control of his aircraft, he knew he had no choice but to make a risky landing with his wife and two kids on board.

It was a midair crisis for two parents as the throttle cable on the single-engine plane they were flying in suddenly snapped, with the couple's two young kids in the back seat.

“We're going to declare an emergency. I have no throttle control,” pilot and father Devin Miller told air traffic control. “We have four souls on board, and I’m trying to see if I can get any kind of control here of the throttle.”

Video of the incident was posted Monday to YouTube after the couple took off from Falcon Field Airport in Peachtree City, Georgia. The engine was stuck on full power, which meant the plane was going too fast to land safely.

Miller circled the airport in Mississippi in his Piper Aircraft several times, trying to figure out what to do. The tower reached a mechanic on the phone to see if he could help Miller from the ground.

“If he's in flight, he may have to come in for a landing and turn the engine off,” the mechanic suggested. 

The kids were oblivious to all the drama as their father prepared for a full-speed landing. The airfield's emergency crew was put on high alert.

Mom Melissa Miller made sure the kids were strapped in for a potential crash landing, and as the plane approached the runway, the pilot cut the engine. They made it to the ground safely.

Inside Edition spoke to Melissa and Devin, who live in Texas, about their terrifying experience.

"I was ... scared, I was definitely nervous. I knew that if I showed fear, if I showed how nervous I was he would pay attention to me and take care of me and I really didn’t want him to take care of me, he had to focus on the plane," Melissa told Inside Edition. 

"You do what you do to get it down on the ground," Devin added.