Texas Bomb Dog Dies After Being Bitten by a Poisonous Snake During Training Exercises

German Shepard and Belgium Malinois mix
Facebook/Baytown Police Department

K9 Lenin was attending an on-duty training exercise when he was bitten by a poisonous snake.

A hard-working K9 for a Texas police department has been laid to rest after suffering from a poisonous snake bite.

K9 Lenin was attending an on-duty training exercise on Wednesday when a poisonous snake bit him, said Baytown Police. The tough dog tried to fight against the venom with the help of veterinarians but unfortunately he was pronounced dead the next day. 

K9 Lenin was born in August 2020 in Hungary and two years later he finished his training and joined the force to become the department's first bomb/gun dog, said police.

Though his time on the team was short, he was a good boy, winning the TOP Bomb Dog award, placing second for bomb scramble, and third for bomb vehicles at a training seminar, police said. 

According to police, K9 Lenin only worked on the force for seven months, but he served his purpose alongside his partner, K9 Officer Kinzie, to conduct several explosive and firearm sweeps.

“Our hearts are heavy for his partner, K9 Officer Kinzie, who lost not only a partner, but a faithful friend,” said chief of police, John Stringer.

“The Baytown Police Department mourns the loss of K9 Lenin. He was one of our own as surely as any other officer in this agency is one of our own,” said Chief Stringer. “K9 Lenin made significant contributions to the safety of Baytown in his short time with our department and he will be missed.”

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