Texas Couple Uses a Plane for Gender Reveal

Their baby is due in January.

A Texas couple took their gender reveal to new heights — with a plane

Brad Reed, 32, and his wife Rachael, 31, discovered they were expecting their third child in April and were encouraged by their families to hold a party to divulge whether they were having a boy or a girl. 

They went above and beyond that idea, deciding to have a friend incorporate the plane into the announcement. 

“My friend David does some crop dusting, where he sprays the plants with pesticides from an airplane,” Reed said. “Me and David came up with the idea to do an aerial gender reveal.”

The week before the party, Brad and Rachael handed their friend, David Sykes, an unopened letter from the hospital which revealed the baby's gender.

Sykes was tasked with ordering pink or blue dye to color the water which would be dropped from the plane as Brad and Rachael’s families watched on a runway of Sunray Airport.

In a video of the special moment, the couple and their friends and family were thrilled as pink water was thrown out of the plane during the July 8 reveal. 

"It was a really fun day. When I was younger, gender reveal parties weren't a thing, but they've become a really big deal now,” said the couple’s friend, Greg, who videotaped the moment. 

Their baby, the couple’s third child and second daughter, is due in January.