The San Diego Zoo Added a Baby Anteater to Its Family

Tamandua in a treeTamandua in a tree
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The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance recently released a statement sharing the good news of a healthy anteater pup being born on July 21.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance reported the birth of a healthy baby tamandua.

Cora, the mother, and Fernando, the father welcomed their baby on July 21. The zoo has not chosen a name for the pup just yet, but the mother and daughter are bonding well, according to a released statement by the zoo.

"Both mom and pup are doing very well — and Cora is an attentive mom, keeping her pup nestled in their den the majority of the time but venturing outside for up to an hour some days.” Lisa Peterson, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park executive director, said in a statement. 

Tamanduas are naturally solitary creatures, so outside of their mating season, fathers do not play a role in the raising of their pups.

The tamandua is also known as the lesser anteater, due to being smaller than the giant anteaters. 

These South and Central America natives have poor eyesight, so they use their strong sense of smell and hearing to find their food.

"It is great to see the pup developing, using her strong claws to cling to Cora's back with confidence as Cora climbs about the habitat." Peterson said.

According to the Wildlife Alliance, the anteater pup will likely nurse from her mother for about six more months before switching to solids.

"We are elated to have this little pup in our care," Peterson said.

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