These Are the Hottest Swimsuit Trends of 2019

Get ready for patterns, lots of support and sexy one pieces.

Summer is finally upon us!

Inside Edition teamed up with Bloomingdale's Fashion Director Erica Russo to get a peek the hottest swimsuit trends of 2019.

"It has never been easier to find that perfect suit — so many different trends, so many different shapes and sizes you can really mix and match to find the perfect one for you," Russo said. 

For the athletic body, patterns are key. 

"I love this bikini because it's so on trend with this neon color blocking that's so hot in fashion right now," Russo said, showing off a bright swimsuit on a model. "It really gives this illusion of cutting in, cutting away and really elongates the length."

Curvier women should make sure to shop for something with support, said Russo. 

"It's very much constructed like a bra would be so it's giving her a lot of support," she said, demonstrating how the suit in question offers reinforcement. 

And finally, when in doubt, the classic one piece suit is still hot. 

"It shows some cleavage but still very sophisticated," said Russo. 

Check out the video above.