These Farmers Show They Appreciate Their Buffalo by Racing Them

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How do you show appreciation for your buffalo? You race them.

This is how farmers in Chonburi, Thailand, kick off the start of sowing season, by racing the buffalo that plow the fields, according to APTN.

The farmers-turned-jockeys and their 60 buffalo splashed through a wet rice field for 656 feet until they crossed the finish line. 

It's called the Wooden Plow Race. It is held once a year as a way for farmers to give thanks to the buffalo who work so hard the other 364 days. Farmers whip the buffalo to get them to run faster, while they are behind, struggling to keep pace.

One of the competitors, Apichart Kongtrapjareon, said it takes quite a long time to train buffalo for this event— having to walk side by side with them 10 times a day.

Still, Kongtrapjareon said it’s worth it, since it is an important local tradition.

In the end, winner takes all: a golden cup with $3,000 Baht, or about $100.


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