These Symptoms Are Officially on List of COVID-19 Indicators

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After much speculation that COVID-19 may cause more symptoms than just fever, cough and shortness of breath, the CDC has added to the list of symptoms to look out for. Loss of sense of taste and smell, which many people who were diagnosed with the virus said they experienced, has now officially been put on the symptoms list, along with chills, repeated shaking, sore throat, headache and muscle pain.

Doctors say people with coronavirus should seek immediate help if they experience things such as: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to arouse or bluish lips or face.

With more symptoms being added to the list, much is also still being figured out about coronavirus. 

Some people with seemingly mild infections have been experiencing symptoms for weeks on end. 

Dr. F. Brobson Lutz, an infectious disease specialist, said he’s not surprised that it’s taking people longer to recover.

“I’ve had several patients who have tested positive and are still positive more than three weeks after their initial positive test. Most of them have some continued cough or fatigue,” Lutz said "People think they need more specific treatment when they really need tincture of time. For some, the cells regenerate quicker than others.”


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